Best Hindi Jokes – Amazing facts about CID

Amazing facts about CID
1) Daya has d world record 4
breaking the mst no. Of doors
2) C.I.D bureau has 1 tata sumo
since 13 yrs
3) In the entire 20 storey cid
building only 6 people work
4) There is no police in
mumbai,C.I.D handles every case
5) Accused person acepts his
crime only aftr gting a slap on
face from Daya
6) None of the C.I.D officers got
7) People remember the person
they saw once n give exact sketch
8) None of the officers ever got
promotion nt even A.C.P
9) Salunke just pres ctrl n alt n
gets finger prints testd
10) End of episode all criminals
get faasi :D:D