Best Ever Love Message On Valentine’s Day

I Can See You
In My Hands.
Whenever I Join Them To Pray.
Ur Face Is
One Of Those Who Live In
My Heart.
Because Our ReLation Is From
Heart To Heart,
So, Whenever I Don’t Message You Don’t Think That I Have Forgotten You…
I Remember U Every Time In My Prayers.

Valentine Day’s Best Love SMS

I have three corners in my heart!
1 for good deeds,
2 for family and
3 for friends,
For you there is no part,
Cause you are my heart!

Best Valentine’s Day Message – Relationship is not a deal

Relationship is not a deal,
Which say I am your & you are mine,
It’s a silent promise from both heart,
Which say I am with you…And
I will always support you♥

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