Have A Good Day SMS Message With Inspiring Quote

Always keep
your words
soft and
and sweet,
just in
case you
have to
eat them.
Have A Good Day!

My Wishes Will Always Be With You

My wishes will always be with you,
Morning wish to make you feel fresh,
Afternoon wish to accompany you,
Evening wish to refresh you,
Night wish to comfort you with sleep,
Have A Nice Day

If God Answers Your Prayer

If God answers your Prayer,
he is increasing your Faith.
If He delays, He is increasing your Patience.
If He does not answer, He knows you can handle it.
Have a Nice Day

A Smile Is The Lighting System Of The Face

A Smile Is The Lighting System Of The Face,
Cooling System Of Head And
Healing System Of Heart.
So Keep Smiling All Day.
Have A Nice Day!!!

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